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Update: jetting '07 CRF150F

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I wanted to post my results on re-jetting the '07 CRF150F. I thought the info might be helpful for someone else. Here is a link to my previous thread.


So, I finally got around to rejetting the CRF a couple of weeks ago. The bike is completely stock except for a Moose airfilter. The intake and exhaust baffle are still in place. Why? There is a vacant lot close to our house that I can ride on with the kids. The neighbors are great about it, but I want to keep noise to a minimum. If I want to make noise I have a bike that does that well! 👍

We live at around 3500 feet. I ride anywhere from 1000 feet to 4000 feet. The CRF150F with stock jetting was the coldest/hardest to start bike--I can't believe they can leave the factory that way.

Because everything is stock and we ride at higher altitudes, I kept things on the conservative side. The needle is the stock '07 with the clip in the stock location. I went from a 40 pilot to a 42 pilot and a 95 main to a 100 main.

Conclusion...no more lean popping! The bike now starts first hit of the button without the choke on and idles so smoothly. I can't believe the difference. Should of done this a whole lot sooner!

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What would you recommend for 700ft abs?

What mods do you plan? If you plan to remove the airbox baffle and the exhaust baffle, then I would follow the "power up" mods just like the sticky recommends (top of page on forum). However, IMO, I would buy a stock 2005 needle rather than use the Honda "power up" needle. From what I have read, people have had better results with it. Your stock 2007 needle only has 2 clip positions and it is already in the richest position. The other position is for high altitude. So, you will either need to shim your stock needle with #4 washers or you will need to buy a "power up" needle, or use a needle from a 2005 or earlier (my rec).

If you plan to keep things totally stock with the intake/exhaust baffle in place, I would use a 42 pilot and a 102 or 105 main. However, with your warmer temps and greater humidity, I would keep things on the conservative side.

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The Honda "power up" needle is different than the stock '05 and earlier needle. When I researched this subject, many preferred the '05 and earlier stock needle. If you plan to run an aftermarket exhaust like the FMF, and a better/hi-flow airfilter, you should also remove the plastic intake baffle at the top of the airbox. You have to remove the seat to get to it. It just pops out. If you bought the bike used the PO may have already removed it. It is basically a rectangular peice of plastic that fits in a slot in the top of the airbox. If you remove the airbox baffle, put in a hi-flow airfilter and run an after-market exhaust you will need the following:

42 pilot

'05 needle vs. power up needle

larger main 115 is recommended in the sticky

You can purchase a kit with everything in it, though a bit pricey


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Yea I was originally going to buy the CRF's Only kit but just wanted to check and see if it would work for my climate.

With the mods you have planned, you will definitely need a bigger main, but the 115 main might be too big especially with your hot/humid weather. I don't know, maybe a 108 would be a good place to start. Maybe someone else will pipe in here with some of their own experiences/thoughts.

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