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BARS/ Risers??? help

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I just put the 2" Rox Risers on my '09 S model (if year and model make a difference).

I am not a complete fan of these risers.

The risers forced me to relocate my ignition switch. I like the new location better, but it was still work that I did not need to do.

The risers also blocked me from using my torque wrench on bolts clamping the risers to the bike. This may not be an issue for some, but I have a tendency to over torque bolts.

I have ordered new 7/8" bars as well. The Renthal site has a good explanation of the different bends available >>> http://www.renthal.com/File/apps1.asp?tabtype=5&productid=0&appid=MOTOCROSS/ENDURO&zone=&biketype=&manufacturer=&model=&bikedate=

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