01 426

are the 01 rear hubs any different than the 00 hubs i know from 99 to 00 they were lighter which is probably why they break i do have a new 01 and did not ride yet too cold but am thinking of talon front and rear for safety reasons

Many peoples hubs are breaking because of a mistake made in tightening the chain. Yamaha's swingarm makes a very tight spot where the countershaft bolt and swingarm bolt become parallel. People tighten the chain according to the manuals specifications. These are wrong, the chain should be a little bit looser. When the swingarm is at its tight spot, ther is alot of pressure, so it pulls the sprocket/hub out. There were a few faulty hubs, but not anymore. Check your chain tension. This is the most common problem with hub failure.



I agree... the freeplay for the chain should be 2 - 2.2 inches (the manual says 1.6 - 2.0 inches)! The hubs are the same for 01' but they are fresh out of the mold so im sure if there was any flaws in casting they are fixed now! Just make sure you check your spokes and sprockets bolts before and after each ride (my sprockets bolts have yet to come loose)! As for the talon hubs I would wait til the 01' get more time (and abuse) on them to see if the hubs are any better this year (plus talons are EXPENSIVE)!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

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