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My New Kitaco 115 SE Kit !!!

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Thanks guys!! I'm really tempted to splurg for the Kitaco 11.5mm stroker crank!! Combined with the BBR 58mm bore Custom GPZ/KZ 550 piston= 150cc

Never the less, my conversion is blow'n to pieces!!! For a much over-do make over. I have to get'r done before Master of Mini's Mototown's Open practice April 10th!! Crunch time!!

Die'n to see you guys's rides finshed (Fireman/Dougtrip)!!

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My bike is almost done.. Posted pics of it in my Tak post. I'm just waiting on my custom swingarm to get done, and mount up an oil cooler. I can't use the one I got on eBay, the fittings won't work at all, so I am going a different direction.

I'll fire it up Thursday or friday, and will take vido of it!!

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All right you motor heads!

I started to gather some spec info on this kit...

Some shocking specs

12.5cc Cyclinder head volume

3cc.....Piston dome volume

10:1....CR with the stock stroke 👍:rant:🤣

12.5:1..CR with the 11.5 stroke with the stock 115 piston


250* Duration .04

258" Lift

Both sides

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Look What I got today!!



I didn't order the matching 145SE piston for the kit. I assumed the pistons (145) domes volume- would be a little smaller to keep the compression ratio in check with increased stroke volume. I should never assusme.... There is about 1.5mm difference in compression height. Hmmmm.. What-to-do?? lol!


Piston at the bottom of it's 56.5mm stroke


I also had the head machined for a standard 10mm plug. Instead of running the Special order $25 Denso 8mm plug. This also puts me on the right track if I do decide to peruse the Pister Pro FRD-EZ De-comp system (would require even more machining)



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hey gman this is off topic on this thread but i was just wondering how you are measuring cam lobes mainly the lift im wondering about the bbr cam i have sitting in front of me , i took a caliper and measured the lobe my caliper is blinking with a low battery so it might be slightly off but it comes up with 26.93mm and 27.30mm is that different then what you came up with?

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Not to sure there is anuf timing chain? (stock anyway) Planing a stack'n up some old head gaskets and see how it works out, need about 1.70mm/ .067"

Starting look'n at my GPZ pistons-take'n off another 1.5mm would leave about 1.6mm from the top ring to deck.

Always could mill 1.5mm off the Kitaco pistons outer ring.

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The other format was like Lost In Space or the Twilight Zone! Danger Danger-Do Do Do Dooo!!🤣

O'man!! I haven't touch'd my lil conversion bike- sad but true- I got a little side tracked in this CR500AF conversion- Just finish'd it last week.

Hope'n to start work'n on the lil CR/XR over the next two weeks- I'll keep you guys posted- for sure 👍

04' CR250 - 97' CR500



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LOL Thanks ST -Ya Man, All me- except the TIG welding sub'd to fellow rider/local expert racer/ex TIG welder. This Conversion was the tits (super easy) - compared to my other two bikes...

Both the CR250 and the CR500 were/are in unbelievable condition. I've been sitting on this 250 for 4 years- save'n it just for this. Here is my build thread over at http://cr500riders.com/cgi/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1270602099 not to sure if you guys can view pic with out being a member?

Drop'd off a few mis. items from the lil conversion to the power coater today. Look for updates in my conversion thread in the near future 👍

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Well worth the time to sign-up over at CR500 Riders. You are the man! Great job. But why cant we just be satisfied with a perfectly good stock bike??? LOL. You don't need to answer that. As you well know, I'm cursed with the same sickness.


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