09 bent shift & break levers

First my shifter bent in a little and started scrapping the engine cover, and now my rear break is doing the same thing. Are they just real cheap? Ive never had this problem on another bike. Mayber its my riding style or something, like landing off jumps with my feet foward. So has anyone else had this problem?

No issues here other than the occasional downshift on the face of a jump!!!!! can we say OUCH! Major endo yesterday after hitting neutral up the face. Wear size 13 boots. never had this issue on my yz250. Just measured and there is almost a half inch more room from front of peg to shifter on my 2t. Has any one else had this issue?

Seems like if you were landing with your feet on the shifter or brake you would realize it in short order, most def. so on the brake side!? Dont know man.

Hammerhead makes shifters with an extra 15mm reach built in there, big foot. :thumbsup:

I was checking out there site and I must have been mistaken, thought they offered longer tips not the kit and kadoodle.

On a side note my new to me 09 450 is THE BOMB!

Fellow I bought it from said it had never been down, WELL IT HAS NOW! One major end over end endo(not pretty), and a few other normal corner dives. Some body had to do it!

Ya if i was landing with my feet on them then it would be down shifting, which isnt going on. I got small feet too (size 9). I guess there just bending in cause they're cheap. Besides this, the bike is TITS!

Not sure what you're doing, but I don't have this problem, nor does anyone else I know.

No bent lever on my '09.

Are you dragging the cases through some gnarly rutted turns? Or are you that good and laying it all the way over in the flat turns? :thumbsup:

I bent my shifter and brake pedal. Mine were bent from falls in the desert. I was able to bend them mostly back into position, but I'm looking for replacements. I have an 09 YZ450F.

My rear brake pedal on my 08 seems to be a lot lower quality than the one on my old 04. The tip of my 08 is all bent in after every ride and I have to bend it back out. Never had to touch the one on my 04.

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