Fork Compression adjuster cover?

Need some ideas as I just got my forks back and the rubber covers are missing and I need to replace it with something. I have looked at lowes for some rubber but didn't find anything I could work with. Anyone have any ideas? I went to the local dealership and they weren't on the parts list so he just blew me off and I can't find anything online either. 07 yz 450

Thanks in advance.

The reason that they are missing and also the reason they aren't listed is that there never were any. KYB stopped putting rubber covers over the clickers on the bottom of the forks in '05, when the current TC design came out.

You might also take note of the fact that the compression adjusters on your bike are on top of the fork. The bottom one is rebound.

Thanks for setting me straight Grey. I would have sworn when I shipped them out that they had a cover on it. Old age is catching up fast. It also explains why my forks never got any stiffer when when turning the adjuster down there:ride:

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