Note to my fellow TT brethern! MX late tonight! Hopefully.....

Sacramento MX tonight on ESPN2 at 4:00am CST. (HOPEFULLY!)

That is, if backgammon dosent run long.

Anyways got the VCR set and hope to get it this time.

Geez, its only been 2 weeks since the race and I have still managed to keep from finding out who won. So lets hope this does it!


Mt Morris MX

Saturday - 125 class - 11am CST

Saturday - 250 class - 12pm CST


Wouldn't you know it...!!!

A massive headache yesterday afternoon prompted me to have a cup of coffee, a beer, and 4 aspiran when I got home from work yesterday. I did nothing much INCLUDING going to ESPN to see if any races were televised (like Hangtown!!). Today, after getting back from McDonald's and my son Adam's birthday party (he is 8 yo now), I checked ESPN2 w/ a funny feeling. I guess I missed another race (Hangtown) and the first showing of Mt Morris. :)

Can a person buy any races on tape, like I have seen in the past?

If I can access someones copy, I can use my dual deck VCR to make my own copy...( of course, I WILL pay ALL shipping to and fro!) :D

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