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2006 crf250r wont start

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I have owned a 2006 crf250r for about 2 years now. i have not had a single problem with it sence the day i got it.

just the other day i went to go start my bike and i got nothing. not even a sputter. my bike was running fine the day before with no problems. i checked the valves thinking it might be a valve issue but they are right on the money. i replaced the spark plug also and still no luck. checked the compression too, that also is fine.

seems like an electrical problem to me anybody have any ideas what it could be?


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spark, compression, air, fuel, timing. Gotta be one of those 5...

Post some numbers. What people have said is "fine", wasn't really "fine".

Forgetting to take the plug out of the muffler has happened to me. (Just never in public that I'll admit to... 👍 )

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