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Need some bar riser help converting to Pro Tapers

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Here is what I got.... I have the stock Renthals and 1 1/2" Outlaw Universal Risers. I bought the universal kit because I wasn't 100% sure where I wanted the bars and it comes with a bunch of spacers so you can work it out. In the end I went all the way out to the 1 1/2" max possible with the kit and its made a big difference. I haven't had any trouble with them moving back that far either, in fact its kind of nice.

Overall the spacers tend to move around in big crashes which is OK to me. I'd rather jack the spacers then bend something but sure enough I loaned my bike out during a race to one of our club medics who got a flat and he crashed it, bending my Renthal bar.

Now is a good time to switch over to Pro Tapers but I want to maintain my rise and I was wondering if somebody could help me figure that out since I have never had ProTapers. This time around I would like to get more rise out of the bars so I called ProTaper and they suggested these:

Stock replacement bars = 92mm (for comparisson)

Kawasaki High = 108mm

Pastrana FMX = 121mm

If I used a stock bar size I would need 38mm (~1 1/2") ProTaper Risers/Adapters to match my current Renthal setup for example but I'm not sure I'm calculating this right.

When ProTaper claims stock replacement dimensions are they including the adapter you are going to need to mount them on stock bar mounts?

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I never did the bar swap, but I use the same outlaw riser set-up, as near as I could tell the Pastrana FMX bar would be the closest to what you are running with the risers... I just never needed to replace the bars. Stock bars being 92 and P. FMX 121 that is 30 mm difference.

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