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Wanting a new 300XCW, will I fit??

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OK guys heres the deal;

I am getting rid of my CRF450x and want to get back on a smoker that I can use in the tight trails of the California Sierras.

The KTM and the GASGAS are both reasonable rides for my type of riding. I should state that I've been riding dirt for more than 20 years, and have gone through many bikes, and love riding enduros, so the 300XCW seems like a nice fit, I think.......

I have a 30" inseem and while I do have some high-performance bikes, I want to be able to "pedal/paddle" sometimes in the rocky narrow rutty single track type of trails.....

My fricking CRF sucked in this type of riding, then I had the forks and shock internally shortened 1.5", then it was fine, but I hated to lose suspension travel, and prefer not to go down that route in the future.

Can I drop the seat on this bike, or lower it "slightly, maybe 1" to allow for paddling/pedaling in the tight nasty stuff?????

Thanks all..............


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I'm 5'7" with a 30" inseam and I feel a bit short for touching the ground.

I just try and work on my balancing skills. I try and control my stops and off camber situations. You need to practice thinking one step ahead.(Until it becomes 2nd nature)

I try and study trials riders, and the way they control their bike.

I probably could lower my suspension about an inch and that would be great!👍

But I'm an idiot!:applause: I prefer to overcome adversity.🙂

Where's the fun if it ain't challenging!🤣

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You can lower the forks in the clamps by 3/4" and an "X Bushing" will lower the rear equally. I'd try these first with the low seat and then shorten the suspension if necessary. Also, consider that removing the e-start and battery will make it less top heavy which helps short people avoid dropping it.

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