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Freshly restored 434- photos

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So I bought a spare DRZ engine to fix up and install for backup purposes while the original engine is out for its 470cc upgrade. Keep in mind the restored engine was from an E model and initially resembled a small hill of dirt and oil and flaked off paint than an engine when it arrived.... I cleaned up and resprayed the whole thing and put in the JE piston and cylinder works upgrade. Also had to have a dodgy cam journal welded up and remachined by a friend - but the engine runs mint now. Did all the fixes and checks while in the rebuild process so this should be a reliable thumper. It sure pulls hard.

But now.



Here incidentally is the original engine receiving its +5mm Hotrods stroker crank...

Out with the old, in with the new




This, incidentally, is the 'mototune' -'impossible' 94mm JE piston I broke in in this engine. See how shiny and well sealed it is....



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Yeah, I'm in the process of making a MCCT - the ACCT in there has been ok with the 434cc engine though I don't intend to use it in the stroker.

Copper spray a gasket? I'm only using the one layer base gasket, I figured the copper spray would at worst do nothing, at best seal a little better even though its not really necessary due to the low pressures at the base. And copper looks purty 👍

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ok ~ many years ago i used a sealant on my XR 600 base gasket , after 250 klm the gasket pushed out . it was'nt copper coat though .

i had to do it all over again , before i pulled it apart i could see the gasket working its way out .

all the best with the stroker motor .. well worth the cost and effort 👍

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