Dear fellow pig mounters,

I am at that stage of my BRP life cycle where the sprocket's teeth are getting a bit thin. I am looking at the Titax SS and a DID X ring. I have not had experience with an endless chain and I have several questions: 1)Does the DID xring come in the box endless or with an end and a rivet link or is that bought seperate? Do I buy the tools (chain breaker and press) from Scott's or where? It seems like for the price of the tools that I should just take my scooter to Baja Design or somewhere and have them put it on. Any other words of wisdom would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance. :)

Hey thumpdad, I put a DID X on my 5hundy. Bought a link puller for $12 at cycle parts west when I bought the chain. It took 5 minutes tops. Very simple.

I just installed the DID ERV2 on my XR650R. It is what Honda uses in Baja. It comes with a staked link. I rode it with the old chain to a local mechanic who had the tools. He lent them to me and with a little help was able to do it myself. I think the original is linkless, and a staked link is way better than the a clipped link. I got it at White Rhino for $106, which is way better than the $170 most places quote for this chain. I also used an Ironman sprocket, which is the way to go. Aluminum is cheese on the XR650R's. Also, when adjusting your chain, get the sprockets to align. I have been told the notches on the spacers do not do a good job of aligning your rear wheel, and this wears your sprockets faster.


Yes, a very timely topic! Could someone elaborate more on sprocket alignment/spacers? I'm going to be needing a chain as well. Is a staked masterlink going to get me back to an endless chain? Inquiring minds want to know! What are you Baja Guys running for chains and sprockets! Thanks!:)

Get a good chain like the DID ERV2. If you use a 'stainless steel' sprocket like the Ironman, or the Titax from from Rocky Mountain or the one from Moose, you'll be fine for a very very long time :)

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