01' 462f Carb cleaning

I've posted once before, but only now have i had an opportunity to actually start on getting my ole YZ going. My ride is an 01' 426 that i had rode 1 season and ended having to give up riding due to unforseen circumstances. Flash forward 8 years and trying to get this beast running again.

During my inspection, i noted that i had emptied the tank when i had quit riding it, so it was pretty clean inside. I pulled the plug at the bottom of the float bowl and it was pretty nasty stuff in there. A light carmel color and pretty thick stuff. I spayed a little carb cleaner in the gas line inlet and let it sit for a bit. I thought i should at least attempt to get it started before pulling the carb and such. I put some fresh gas in and replaced the spark plug and at first it wanted to start, but i think it was just the carb cleaner burning off. At this point, i'm pretty sure i need to pull the carb and do some cleaning.

My questions to you folk is, what kind of cleaning should i start with? I'm not very familiar with this type of carb. Should i do some form of soak or just a good spray down? Is there anything i should be careful with etc...?

TIA for your thoughts and suggestions,


Pulled the carb, sprayed it out and made sure all the old gas was out.

The beast is now running!



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