Carb swap

I am getting ready to purchase a new 01. I have my 00 carb jetted properly and life is good. Should I swap the carbs when I buy the new scoot or is the 01 carb better.

I would do enough riding with the bike in stock form to know that you're really dis-satisfied with the way the new carb acts first. Remember that your 01 has the lighter valves. I don't know if that has an effect on jetting but it may since they open and close at a higher rate. I know everyone says that the powerband on the 01 differs from the 00. By the way, where in Pa. are you located?

I live in Central Pa, Near State College. I have not picked up an 01 yet, but am thinking about doing so before we head south for a week the end of Feb. Are you from Pa? We have a small grass-roots race team and I just started to build a site for it. If your from the area, check it out, you might know some people on the team.

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