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Back into riding after 6 months(due to injury)

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So, there are a few things I have noticed today when I was riding the track.

  • My balance in the air is way, way, off.
  • With new Pod knee braces and new tech 3s, I feel that I have no feeling of my bike and pegs. I can't even feel the shift most of the time.
  • With the braces and boots, it is hard to bring my leg back onto the pegs, partly due to resistance in the brace.
  • My hands slip a lot on Low Pillow Top grips.

Overall, I just don't feel comfy on the bike. Any tips on how to help with these problems?

What I do know how to help these problems:

  • Need to strengthen hamstrings.
  • Need to break in the boots.
  • Practice, practice, practice.

But, I did have a fun time trying to relearn how to ride motocross. Until I hit false-neutral over a step-up, and almost front flipped. The bike procedes to land onto me. I checked the damage, hurt back, bent radiator, broken rear fender, and left number plate.

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I wasn't hitting any of the triples or big table top. So I think, in that sense, I was taking it easy. If my balance in the air was good, I would be hitting the triples with ease.

The step up isn't even that big, probably like 10 feet up, and 15 feet out. I hate false-neutral...

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It is normal to not be "up to speed" when coming back after a lay off.

Slow down. Retrain. Build back up at a sensible and metered pace. Difficult to do, I know, after an injury recover period but you won't regret it. Why take a chance on getting injured right away?

The best way to break in your boots is to use Alpinestars boot paste or something like that. Apply it liberally and then the next day walk around in the boots for a while before using them. it really helps the boots last longer too! If you have several days before riding, get them out many times and walk around in them. You'll be amazed.

As to the mechanical hindrances of the braces, this is normal. I remember the exact same issue. You will have to retrain yourself on a few techniques that used to work. This is one of them. It will come to you in short order.

I can't stress enough how much it will help you if you "gear up" and practice with the bike on a stand. Get into the attack position, put your foot out for the corner, rock it back and forth like you are going through a whoop section, rock it side to side like you are going over a jump, shift it, brake..etc. etc. etc. It may sound silly, but especially with new gear and/or time off it can be an invaluable tool before heading out to the track.

Safe Racing...

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