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hey all,

I just purchased a jr50 that had a carb problem. it would start first kick and idle just fine but if you gave it gas it would die. I pulled the carb and found that the slide was sticking. I honed out the cylinder and fixed the sticky slide, cleaned the jets etc, put it back together and it worked a whole lot better, however it seemes that I need to lean it out alot (runs but will not reach full rpms and if I put the air box back on it wants to die). My question is is whether I need to change out the main jet or move the needle. The needle isn't tapered and the jet has 2 rows of extra holes?? so in theory it would seem that moving the needle up or down would do alot more for adjustment than normal. And not to sound stupid 👍 but just to be sure moving the needle down a notch or 2 should lean it out right???? (I'm not very good at carb adjustments)

Thanks in advance

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