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Question on Front Sprocket Removal (after already changing)

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Hey All

Have a question on what people would do in this situation ...

I changed out the stock 15T OEM front sprocket to a 14T aftermarket (I think it was a primary drive sprocket) ... and now I want to GO BACK to a 15T in the front.

Regardless, I am aware of all the associated front sprocket issues, but my main worry is that the SPLINES had extremely tight tolerances on the 14T model I installed. In fact they were so tight, the only way it would go all the way on was by tightening the sprocket nut. Now compound this with the Loctite fix that I also did when installing it.

The OEM sprocket, by comparison had quite loose spline tolerances, and once the nut one removed, slid off easily by hand.

My worries are getting the 14T off again given how tight it was going on. I cannot see it coming off as easily as the stock one (by hand).

Also the plan is to re-install the stock one, but seems strange to put back on a front sprocket with poor tolerances in the first place.

So my options are:

1) Attempt to remove the 14 T and re-install the OEM one I removed (poor tolerances and all)

2) Remove the 14T and buy an aftermarket 15 T with better spline tolerance than the OEM

3) Leave the 14 T in place, and fork out the extra cash for smaller rear sprockets (3 Teeth smaller out back).

Any thoughts?? Any advice or tips on how to get the front sprocket off if in fact it seems almost welded on ??

I am leaning to option #3 above, just perhaps to avoid a lot of "potential" frustration ....­čĹŹ

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Use a puller to remove the 14. It may have went on tight due to some cured Loctite. The OEM fit sounds more inline with the norm. Certainly shouldnt have to install a sprocket by drawing in with the nut. Either way it will be necessary to purchase a small puller eventually. Ive never felt any of my stock OEM 15's were too loose. They all slide on fairly easy after the spline was cleaned up. Yours may be worn, or the shaft is worn..hard to tell from the description but a sprocket that is so tight that you need the nut to install doesnt make it a better "fit''. If in doubt, purchase another. I use OEM 15's..A bit of red Loctite and a shot with an impact and Ive never had a problem with either DRZ's Ive owned..

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