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yfz450 power w/ ltz400 ride comfort

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ok i need some bike suggestions. im not new to riding i was born into it really and have grown up riding three wheelers so any quad is stable to me.

ive owned a 05 yfz450 piped, jetted, filtered, cr450 crank and piston, exhaust timing, and cdi box so the bike basically hauled ass. power in every way possible and loved it for that but hated the stiff ride in choppy sand. i blew up the engine ( broke piston pin and rod went through sleave, case and bent some valves so i sold it)

Now my brother had a ltz 400 and i loved the ride comfort of the bike but compared to my 450 i couldnt stand the power or lack of.

so with all that said i want to know what quad do you guys recommend that has the best of both worlds. ride comfort and good power.

i dont want to dump a shit load of money into the quad either cause i have another project going on now too and i just want to pick up a quad again that can get the job down. power, comfort and reliability.

im thinkin raptor 700 or honda 450r

thanks for any advise guys.

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I picked the R (kickstart model...yeah) because it is the king of desert endurance racing...so you know it can go the distance. Power is great, but it needs the HRC kit (most bang for your buck!) to realize its full potential. Ergonomics are excellent, and the stock suspension is workable if you take the time to properly adjust it.

The Raptor has a tall engine, and they put the radiator way up high in the frame (clearly just for styling....duh). This give it a highish center of gravity and it is just plain to narrow for the desert. Suspension is softer than the YFZ, which you should like. It is, a torque monster.

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