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To Impact or Not

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So this coming weekend ill be doing a chain/sprokets change.

So i got both wheels off cause i got them striped, and put the rear sproket on.

Now when it comes to doing the front sproket i see theres a lockin wasker behind that but what the best way to use an impact on it. Like do i need to put the wheels back on it and put it on the ground and then use the impact???

I heard somewhere a while back that if u put it in gear and use the impact then it can cause u problems.

So whats the best way to go about this???????


Will post pics asap

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The correct answer.. Torque wrench and 80 or so FT pounds,

The working answer if you know what your doing... Impact gun, out of gear.....Never had one damaged or come off on a DRZ, nor any other bike. But if your not familiar with your tools, the procedure the assembly your working on,, Take the sure safe route... use a TQ wrench.

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