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Differences in '02 vs. newer model forks

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It's starting to warm up here in Idaho, and it's time to get the bikes ready for the year. I have an '02 450R. Last year when changing my fork oil and reassembling my forks, I noticed that the clicker adjustment on one of them appeared to be somewhat messed up. It will turn all the way in, but as I turn it out it will continue on forever without reaching a stop point. This year I'd like to dial in my suspension a bit better, so I figure it's time to replace the bolt center on that fork. Now my question: are the bolt centers interchangeable between years? The part number for each year is different, leading me to believe something is different. I'm just curious what that difference is, and whether or not I can replace my bolt center with a newer year model. My motivation is that a bolt center for an '02 is $80.74, while I can get the same part for an '04 for $23.49. For an '07 the price is $20.41. So, if the only difference is something simple like the number of clicks from full hard to full soft, then I'm inclined to buy the newer part and save some money. In fact, I can buy a set of the bolt centers (so my forks are both the same) for a newer year model for half the price of replacing a single center bolt with the original '02 part. Any experience with this would be appreciated.

For reference, the bolt center is part #13 in the following diagrams. For an '02:


For an '04:


and for an '07:


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