Chatterbox & TTR-125 ?'s

After almost 10 years with out a dirt bike the Wife and I bought two about a month ago and have done nothing but ride em since. This page has provided me with a bunch of information of my 99 WR 400, thanks. My last bike was a YZ 490 that I thought was pretty bad till I rode this thing. I have two question:

1. Does anyone have any experience with the chatterbox product? We purchased two and seem to be having a difficult time keeping them on the helmets. It is also difficult for my wife to get the voice activated microphone to operate.

2. Is there a Forum/Website similar to this for the TTR-125?

Thanks in advance.

I've been interested in the Chatterbox for quite some time now but have never tried it...

As for the TTR page

Good day!


My wife has the same problem with the VOX feature on our chatterboxes - voice is too low/soft. I don't have that problem :) We ended up using the push button to make them work - at least until I tore the wires out of mine. I had the ptt button on the bars with wires running down underneath my chest protector - didn't have enough slack and the wires broke in half.


I have the cahtterbox installed on all of my helmets. The VOX operation is very tricky. Mine is activated with the exhaust note quite often and I have mine turned up quite a bit. It does take some getting used to, you have to purposefully talk louder to activate it, BUT, it is very nice to have for pointers or the "watchout!!!" I wish the range was a little better, and clarity were better. I know that some of the new models use a digital signal, maybe that will help.

Another alternative is a 2-way radio system from Motorola, with the PTT (push to talk) and I think they have a VOX mode. These seem to be a cheaper alternative and serves up a few more user options, hiking, biking, etc. Thats my two cents.


'95 DR350, '95 YZ80 (wifes) 2000 DRZ E

IMS 4.2gal tank, DSP frame protectors, DSP fork guards, Acerbis DHH Light, Renthal Bars, Yosh slip-on, Topeak computer setup, 13 front sprocket, WER Skidplate, Thumper Racing Radiator braces/guards, Moose Handguards with Deflectors, and many more to come.... Where is the kickstart on this thing....

Thanks to everyone for the reply. One thing I have found to help my wife is building up about 1.5" of Velcro inside the helmet where the microphone is mounted. This gets it closer to her and it activates easier. I am now having a problem with keeping the little suckers attached to our helmets, they keep slipping off? Also we have been able to communicate when we are 1.6 miles away from each other, and with my pipe I have to turn the sensitivity way down or she says she can listen to the WR. Thanks again

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