silencer repacking

how often should the silencer be repacked? and with what? how would old packing effect

performance? '99 yz

I asked this question on another forum once and the best answer I got was to leave it alone, I hear it's a real pain in the butt and not worth the trouble...


Burned out packing will cause some problems:

The silencer core will probably crack and break due to sound vibration and possibly the cannister or pipe will too.The bike will lose some power and obviously get louder.

Good news is that the packing hardly ever wears out unless you get it wet or if the bike has a lot of hours on it.

To repack you have to drill out the rivets and use the silent sport or Yamaha packing. I tried other types and finally bought the OEM, silent sport is good but it takes alot of it and you need to pack it real tight, the OEM packing comes preformed and slips right in.

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