Cleaning problem

Hey guys

ok i was cleaning my dirtbike with some degreaser and i spayed some on and like a minute later it had already dried on my bike! my bike wasn't hot from riding or anything but could be the hot florida weather. plus i tried a different brand of degreaser thanw hat i was used to. some cheap crap!!! but anyways i have slight white streaks on my rims and forks and was curious if there was anything i could do besides buyin new forks and rims. thanks ahead for any input.


I like to use the natural citrus cleaner/degreaser! this stuff cleans great :)

I spray my bike down with WD40 after every wash. Keeps the aluminum from oxidizing (white rust). You can save your forks by applying this regularily and eventually you will be able to wipe the white residue off over the next month or 2.


thanks for the info man i greatly appreciate it. now i still have hope!! lol i actually thought about sprayin WD-40 on my bike after cleanings but i wasn't sure i think it makes it easier to cl;ean each time also. anyways thanks guys!


One product, two words, infinite uses...

Simple Green


I use half simple green half orangepower cleaner. I think the Simple green does all the work but my bike smells good after I clean it :)

hey guys

do ya'll just use a rag or what? spray on wipe off? i have been using a paintbrush to get in the small places. just curuious how ya'll apply the degreaser and whatnot. thanks guys


I get a garden pesticide sprayer, just a small one (one or two litres), that you can pump some pressure into, and then add the water, then some simple green concentrate... (don't add the simple green first) pump the sprayer up, then just spray it all over the bike... the pressure sprayer is enough to get in all the cracks, up under everything, and still be safe on seals then leave it for 5 or ten minutes, and hose off... heavy dirt should have been washed off first...

If you have lots of bikes, or are at the track and want to wash between races, then get the bigger garden sprayers, they usually have a hose and a lance/wand, and you can pump some more pressure into them...



thanks man!

so you don't ever use a rag or anything just spray on and spray off after 5-10 minutes? cool!


Sometimes you may have to use a brush to rub some of the crud off... or rub your hand over the plastics as you are rinsing off... but the stuff is pretty good... hose pressure is usually enough to rinse it all clean... It really depends on the type of dirt you are dealing with... clay, sand etc...

Simple Green is not a miracle product, but it comes close... your rims, tyres etc will just spray on, hose off... no problems with the aluminium, rubber, plastic, etc...


Jonesy - get the new Lemon scented Simple Green then you don't have to mix & it will still smell good (can you believe some folks like the smell of the green stuff - yuck!!)

yamaha-dude - Are you the Australia sales rep for Simple Green - if not you ought to be!!!

Hey guys!

thanks so much for the info i tried the pump sprayer idea tonight and the simple green and it worked perfect! thanks again!

-Billy :)

Maybe I should be... it is hard to get down here, you have to go to certain places... But there is nothing else like it on the market, as far as I am concerned... and I have tried just about everything in the past 28 years of cleaning dirt bikes...

I use it on boots (they come up very nice), goggles (doesn't eat the foam away), roost protectors, almost anything that can be hosed off afterwards... Want to buy some...? :)


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