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2001 Wr250f flooding issues

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Ive got a 2001 wr250f and it has been running great until i cahnged the spark plug. The first time i changed it the guy at the Yamaha dealership sold me a cr9e and said it was thge right one. I rode it once for about 2 hours and it did fine, then 2 days later i rode it before going to the trails with some buds to make sure it ran and it did fine. But when i got to the trail the plug was fouled. So i went and guy 2 more but this time i talked to a guy with some knowledge and he sold me some cr8e which is what he said i should have been running. I started fine the first few times i kicked it but today after i went ridin it kept flooding out. If i was riding and stalled it always kicked first time, but when i stopped to take a break and pushed in the kill switch and turned the bike off properly it would flood. I woould have to drain half the gas out of the float then it would crank up, thats how i figure its flooding. It got old by the end of the ride. I have all the free mods done, baffles out, FMF jet kit, and adjustable fuel screw. I also have a cracked float bowl that is slowly leaking, but my new one just can in the mail. I was wondering if i need to do any jeting changes while i have the carb of to replace the float bowl.


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