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funny story - doodle bug frame

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so my brother went to buy a crf50 off some guy. he showed up there and liked the bike and wanted to buy it.

the seller said "only way ill sell you this bike is if you take this POS frame off my hands too"

my brother didnt want it so he said "nah I dont want it"

seller said "come on, thats the deal, take them both or nothing"

so my brother decided to grab it. it was a very very old school frame, looked like complete junk. he gave the guy the 700$ for the crf50 and loaded up the crf50 and junk frame.

my brother came home, did some research, turns out that frame he got given to him for free, which they both assumed to be complete garbage and worth 5-10$ max was actually from a late 1940-early 50s doodlebug minibike. he sold the frame a few weeks later to some guy for 750$!!!! a fully restored doodlebug goes for around 4-7000$!!

we found it pretty funny, this old frame we got given to us was actually worth damn near a thousand bucks!

the end.

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Man I would love to have had that frame. Im REALLY close to building the ultimate minibike with an old YZ490 engine I have been itching to get. That frame would have been the perfect candidate for my project.

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