426 crankshaft whats going on

Ok here it is.I put a new crank in my 2000 426,I put in a new 2002 oem crank and bearings.Everything was going together just fine till i tightened down the clutch side cover.It fit just fine till i drew it down,then the crank would lock up .I took it off a number of times with no luck,same thing.I put the old gasket together with the new gasket and tightned it down.worked just fine.What's up with this.I can't figure it.I'm sure someone has had this problem before or i'm just a lucky hombre.Thanks tim

You have clearly assembled something wrong somewhere on the right side of the engine, be it clutch, drive gears, etc. Try to determine where along the side of the engine the case binds by seeing where the case wants to rock.

yep just right mr. racer sir. Pulled my basket out ,the crank nut was aginst the case.Pulled it apart ,I had put in the 2002 ballance drive gear and used the 2000 primary gear.Put in the 2002 primary gear and it works like a charm..Thanks Tim

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