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Hitch Trailer for two bikes

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Just picked this bad boy up. Worked like a charm...




I also have the single trailer...i was getting a little too much wobble. Took a wizard tool to it. Cut some slots and mounted it. worked like a charm.

If you have this trailer and arent using the anti wobble bracket because your hitch has the chain loops in the way. please go get the bracket cut. its like night and day.



drove 4 hours total with it. worked like a charm. its just a little on the long side.

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I'd have cut and relocated my breakaway chain brackets before chopping the anti-wobble up....that bracket is going to bend before long, those angle reinforcements were there for a reason.

You really should install a trailer lighting kit on the hitch hauler, your tail lamps are completely obscured from the rear when the bikes are on.

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i dont think its going to bend. Movement without the anti wobble wasnt that great but enough to make u wonder about safety. i think a bike would fall off before the bracket would bend.

already ordered the trailer lightking kit. going to fabricate a housing for them.

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