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RM125 Rear Suspension

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I was reading Eric Gorr's Offroad Performance Handbook and he recommends for a 1997-2004 RM125 set the Race Sag to 95mm and the rebound to 6 clicks out, because of too much LSR. I have a 2003 RM125 model and I am not sure if this applies to myself because I weigh under 65kg (143 lbs) in riding gear. I will not be able to test it until next ride and would rather have some theory before I ride it as he recommended incase it's terrible.

(Page 33) http://www.eric-gorr.com/model%20tuning%20tips.pdf

I posted this for Fly_Racing, if he asks a question, answer to him. He's the original OP.

Thanks a lot! 👍

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you need two numbers for finding out the correct rate - static and dynamic sag.

Numbers should be static 30mm +-5mm AND dynamic 100mm +-5mm

Only if you are within these ranges with BOTH values, the spring rate is fine. Otherwise you have to get a softer/stiffer spring.

Since you know your dynamic sag (95mm) check the static.

If it's (around) 25mm, fine. If it's more than 30mm the springs seems to be too stiff for you.

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If you can figure out static from my results that would be very helpful!

1st measurement on stand 643mm

2nd measurement with rider in gear 555mm

Then adjusted to 95mm dynamic

3rd measurement on stand 638mm

4th measurement with rider in gear 543mm

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