jetting, factory manual mistake

Just bought a 2000 426 and while doing some rejetting noticed the factory manual incorrectly labels the choke circut jet as the pilot jet. Just thought I'd point it out so someone else won't be confused. Is this an isolated mistake or is the whole manual filled with mistakes? My first 4-stroke in 25 years of riding, and jetting this thing is hard enough as it is!

Blaze: there is another mistake concerning the cams. In the section where it describes the steps to remove the cams, it describes removing the cam sprocket bolts. The sprockets are pressed on to the the end of the camshafts, not bolted. I believe that the original design was to have them bolted on but changed to a pressed-on design at the last minute to save a few pennies. The pressed-on design makes degreeing the cam much harder. Bummer!

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