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New here with 07wr questions

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I just picked up an 07 450 that is essentially brand new.

the Free updates have supposedly been done to the bike

throttle stop

grey wire

air box


how do I know if they have been done? they guy I bought it from was EXTREMELY CLUELESS he said the shop did it but I would like to check.

next THE AIS is still on, what are the advantages of different block off kits? I found a pretty comprehensive jetting guide on here that I plan to use.

one last thhing for now, locally there is an 08 YZ silencer for sale.....will it work? will it help in any way?

thanks for you advice and knowledge


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well throttle stop is easy.... just twist it.... if it feels like any other throttle you have twisted than its been done... if you can barely twist it.. (prolly only 1/4 turn)it still has the stop in it...

As for the air box.. take the seat off... do you see a big hole?

The gray wire mod is done under the left side panel by your radiator overflow...

Pull the cover off... if you see a wire not sticking into one of the plugs and its gray... probably would have some electric tape on it too... then its been done....

As for the silencer... pull your end cap off.. if you see two holes.. one on each side of the thing sticking out.. then its been done.. if you still see rivits and something inside the pipe then it hasn't been done

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thanks!!! the airbox has a the "big" hole under the seat that I can see into but there are electronics also so I cant cut anything away, it it a rubber boot you remove out of the hole? the grey wire is done. I tried removing the end cap off the silencer but the bolts are so secure I'm afraid or stripping the head out. any tips that wont hurt the cosmetics of the silencer?

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