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About Mikuni/Keihin swap

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Hi! I have a Husky WR 300 2010. A lot of guys change their carb to Keihin PWK 38. I don´t really understand what makes the Mikuni that bad. Isn´t it a pure jetting thing? I mean, what is it that makes the difference if it´s not a jetting issue? Is Mikuni that bad after making carbs for a hundred years? It would be intresting to see the results if a jetting specialist put some time on a Mikuni and compare the results with the Keihin. It would also be intresting if someone knows what it is that makes the Mikuni so bad. I understand that people feel a big difference when they put a dynotested and correctly jetted Keihin on their bike if they had a bad jetted Mikuni on it before. Don´t misunderstand me here. I don´t say that people can´t jet their carbs, but it´s easy to buy a jetted carb and then forget about jetting anymore. Personally i like to learn about jetting and i think my bike is running fine, but i will continue to test with different jettingparts just to learn more about it. Maybe i´ll end up with a Keihin myself one day, but not before i have tested the jetting on my Mikuni more. I talked to a carb specialist today and he said that i should come to his shop and we should do some testing, so i get back with more info on this! Intresting stuff i think!


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