Hot Cam vs Webb cam ?

03 YZ450 F. Which is better ? Looking to gain mid range without loosing anywhere else, is this possible? Are cams where I need to be looking for this? Need help before I start throwing money at it. Thanks.

Running the stock pipe?

Pro Circuit Ti 4.

Forgot to tell yo this engine is on a kart. may be turning higher RPM's but not sure. Maybe this will help. The yellow # 7 is mine.

Web Cams by far.

Webcams for sure BUT, you will need to upgrade to stiffer valve springs/lighter retainers.

OK, so witch one of there cams should I be looking at? Will up grading the cams make a lot of difference or should I do a 2 or 3 mm larger piston also. Would rather do one at a time. LOTS OF $$$$$$$$$$$$ Rules say I can go to 510cc , I don't want to kill reliability though.

One of the fundamentals of building an engine up is that everything has to coordinate with the rest of the components involved. That is to say that swapping cams or whatever by itself, "one at a time" as you say, will rarely work very well. Far better to work up a complete, cohesive and complimentary package in which each mod supports the others.

Any suggestions ?? Open to any and all ideas. Thanks

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