Suspension set ups

I am the new owner of a 01 426. So far I have had no problems with the bike and it cold starts on the first kick. Hot starting has not been too bad but can be a little troubling.

Anyway, How about some good suspension set ups. Forks, Shock, etc !

I have raced motorcross only on two strokes. This 426 is really neat but I don't have any experience with the four stroke.

I'm 140 lbs and 5'9"


Wow, you're one of the lightest riders to buy one of these bikes. I would seriously suggest buying lighter springs for your weight. Maybe you can find a heavy dude who bought a 250F and trade fork springs.

If you then have any bottoming problems, there are some good tricks to fix it.

Wow, That is light for a 426 rider. I run heavier springs front and rear on my 426 (I bounce between 195 and 205). At 145, Lighter springs would be a good idea. You should ride the bike for awhile and let the suspension break in before doing much more than adjusting the clickers, adjusting the race sag, adjusting the oil height in the forks and setting the fork height in the clamps. Once you have all of these settings optimized for your riding style, a good suspension tuner can use this info to dial the bike in for you. As you adjust the bike, make one adjustment at a time.. Go 2 clicks at a time and note if the bike felt better or worse. After getting the clickers where you want them, Add oil to the forks in 5cc increments and note how the bike feels after each addition. Optimize the clicker settings and fork height in the clamps after adding the oil. (You may find you need a lower oil height than stock, however, try raising the height first and then after changing the oil the first time you can set the height to the min. spec and raise from there) Then, when you’re done, change the oil in the forks, set the oil height to the mfg.’s stock height, add the # of cc’s of oil that felt best to you, measure the oil height and note it. Be sure and optimize the clickers after making any adjustments and don't go overboard on adding oil to the forks. I run mine at 70mm from the top with no oil in the outside tube.

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That's all good advice. I would suggest making more radical changes though. I like to take big steps to get very noticeable changes.

Another WOW! You run 70mm oil height? Isn't the range 80-150mm? Have you considered bottoming cones?

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