Question about my WR450.

I recently bought a 2009 wr 450 f , the bike came pretty lean from the factory , i had the carb richened up and it seemed to run alot better ,Fired the bike up last night let it warm and i noticed at low throttle it was surging and popping and when i shut it down it made a pop out of the exhaust ,Has any one had similar problems or any ideas ,should i change the factory jets


I found this in the stickies...

Might help out... also, if you read here it may help also:

I am by no means an experienced rider / maintainer... but have read up a lot on my bike ('99 WR400) and been thru most of the info I could find on this site.

Hope this helps! Enjoy the new set of wheels, I wish I could affort a shiny new one :lol: but I still love the old dirty beast I got... a new one would be more machine than I could likely handle anyhow! :thumbsup:

The bike comes very lean from the factory to meet emissions. Not sure what was done on yours to richen it up but it sounds as though the jetting is off. You can play with YZ needles and pilot jets or if you prefer the quick and easy solution go with a JD kit.


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