G-man - do you have any good leads on getting an 01 CR250? Apache has them for 5647 OTD and Tucson has them for 5546 otd. Looking to try to find one for 5200 or less otd... Any ideas?

James, I might be able to help you find a deal on a new CR250. Send me your email address and I'll see what I can do.

Paul in AZ

email: pjwmx@yahoo.com

There's a guy on the MXWorld board (Buzzsaw) that was saying he could get them for 5350 otd. I will try to find out more.

btw I will be riding Speedworld this Sat and racing Canyon the next week on Sunday. The OTMX gangs first race is that weekend too. Went to Canyon last Sat and they opened up the extended Day track, it was pretty good, if any of you local yokels want to join me.


Did I mention I FINALLY got over the kickstarting hump?!! I am so glad I didn't give up (although I was close :D )

I really dig the bike now!



I'm planning to race at Canyon on the 14th and the 28th AZOTMX. I was at Speedworld last Sunday for practice. Had as much fun watching the Vintage guys races as I did riding.

Tell me about the track at Canyon, I have never been there and I won't have a chance to ride there until practice on the 14th. How would you compare it to Speedworld? I hear from some riders that it is somewhat dangerous (rocky, etc). I don't feel Speedworld is very dangerous (if that's possible riding MX), no big whoops, no doubles/triples, etc.

Glad to hear you have the starting drill down!


Paul in AZ

James in Phx,

If your going to go with a 2 stroke, you should check out the YZ 250. You'll want the awesome low end it delivers. The CR won't give you what you need down low! :)

Hey Paul,

I ride the #6(will be #5 on 14th) 426 with AZOTMX. Will look forward to meeting on the 14th.

Canyon is ok track but is very tight on the first part and very fast and open towards the finish, the dirt tends to get very hard and it turns up alot of rocks (yes, more than speedworld). Has some fun jumps but also some that are true doubles and hurt if you miss.

See ya, Bob

I'll look for you Bob. I'll be running 8x on the 14th - YZ400. What class are you in? I ran the novice my first race last month at Speedworld and might be in the amateur class on the 14th since I did pretty well last time out. Yikes Doubles!! I really havent tried a true double but I have gone for it on the large tables at SW. I am going to have to get there early on the 14th since I have never ridden there before, need lots of practice. Just hope they don't water right before our motos again like at SW last month. Not real fond of hardpack and rocks either. Should be fun regardless though!

See you there...

Paul in AZ


Canyon's a fun track and Bob explained it pretty good. There's one deadly double but it has that do or die effect to it. It's all mental, I know I can jump twice that far but am not willing to take the risk. See you on the start line again!

btw if you see Bob on the track, use caution, his bike get's real WIDE if you try to pass! :)


Hey you guys belong to the AZ. Oldtimers ? Im an Oregon Oldtimer, I'll be headed your way on Apr. 14th & 15th for your round of the nats. Will you be able to make it to the Oregon round , we are holding ours at Washougal this year.

Doug #211 40+ Am.


We'll look for you in April - bring plenty of water, it will be getting hot here by then. I have a sister in Clackamas, is that anywhere near Washougal? When is the Oregon Nat?


I'll watch out for Bob, but I must say I tend to have the same problem with getting "wide" sometimes, if you know what I mean. Sounds like you roll the deadly double at Canyon, if you roll it I won't even have to think about going for it - I have to work on Monday! Do you take the 17 or the 101 to Canyon?




Wow, I wish I could get away and ride Washougal! It looks like an awsome track, especially compared to our Az tracks. I'm gonna try and make it to Mammoth this year and probably the Riverside Intl.

See you in April.

G-Man & Paul,

Where were you guys last nite? We had the year end banquet. Was a good time and we all got some good stuff.

Yes its real easy to get "wide" at Canyon with all those tight corners.

Better get a good start!

See y'all next Sunday.

Paul in AZ, What a small world ! I live in Clackamas also, what are the odds. Washougal is about an hour drive from my house.Our nat is Aug. 4th & 5th one week after the PRO 125&250 Nats. Wouldn't that make a great vacation, come up watch the pro's at Washougal then race the same track the next weekend, and its a beautiful place to camp.

F-Pilot, You better come up and race, when will you ever get the chance to race a Nat. track just after groomed for the pro's. Washougal is a beautiful track, and just think the last people to put a knobby on the track will have been, LaRocco, Windham,RC, Lusk,Pastrana, and the rest of the gods of MX WooooooooooHoooooooooo


I treat myself to attending(as a spectator) one national per year. Last year was the opening round at Glen Helen. This year, I hope to get out to Washougal. What airport do I use?


Portland Intn. airport. Washougal is an easy 35 min. drive from there. Raceday "before 7 am." it would be a 45 min.to an hour drive from the airport, "after 7 am" it'll be a 2 hr. drive. leaving Washougal right after the races it'll take 3+ hours to return to the airport, the traffic backup is terrible.



Well I'm still kinda new to the group and truthfully I completely forgot about it. Maybe next time. You would dig Washougal, it truly is MotoHeaven. I've gone the last 10yrs and raced my Cuz's bike four times and mine once, best track I've ever set knobbies on! Opposite of the stuff we deal with.

Copy the url to see a pic.

See ya Sunday



The key to getting in and out is the back way, not nearly as much traffic. You can make it to the airport in an hr or so.


go to www.washougalmx.com then checkout the Am. days on july 27-29 00 the write up and photo will give you an idea what the place is like "HEAVEN"


Sounds like a plan Doug - watch a national at Washougal then ride the national track the next weekend - I camp at Residence Inn's though! I'm going to have to figure out how to make this happen. Hey, can you guaranty no mud in August? Don't like getting my new AZOTMX jersey dirty (I guess I could spend a little more time practicing starts to cure that problem).

Bob, I also am brand new to the OT club and it's quite a long drive for me to the west side of town - I'll plan to make the next one though...


I appreciate the info... :)


I thought about posting a photo of Canyon but I can just hear MxOT saying "look at all those rocks, is this a track?" or "look at that boulder on the landing of that jump!"

Better not scare off any potential entrys :)

Ok, its not finished yet but checkout some photos of Speedworld and Sunrise(Cal) here: http://communities.msn.com/FPilotsPhotos

[This message has been edited by F-Pilot (edited 01-08-2001).]


Nice job on the Speedworld pics, however your bike appears to be getting noticably "wide" on a few of those turns! See you Sunday at Canyon, I hear it rocks - pardon the pun!!!


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