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hey i have been out of the sport for a few years now and got the money now and i am looking to get back in. Since i have not rode in a few years i am skeptic on what to get. I am looking at an 01 yz426f and a 03 yz250f. i want a good powerful bike but i dont want something to small or to big eather. I want the 250 to get back in the hang of things but dont want to be disappointed and wish i bought a 426 or 450. any help on how to go threw with this? Thanks!

I kinda went through the same thing when I got back into riding after a 10 year break. I knew I wanted a yamaha WR, just wasnt sure if I wanted a 250 or a 450... was kinda scared of the 450. The biggest bike I'd ever ridden til then was a gutless Honda XL125 :thumbsup:

I ended up buying a cheapo KLR250 to putt around on for a few weeks, and then bought a new WR450. No regrets whatsoever, its got more power than I need but It's only there when ya ask for it, very controlable. If you're pretty sure you're going to want or need the power of the big bike... buy the 426/450 and just take it easy on it til you get back into things. It really is like riding a bike, it'll come back to ya in no time.

The positive side effect of buying the KLR was my wife decided to learn to ride... so now thats her bike.

The answer you're looking for is subjective and open to many variables.

What did you ride before? Was it something like an XR 200 or was it a bike with some balls to it?

If you've ridden a 250 2 stroke or larger or a big bore 4 stroke in the past you'll likely be underwhelmed by a 250f. If you're comming off of a playbike a transition to something like a YZ 426f is going to be difficult. Keep in mind the modern 450's are smoother than the old 426 and 400 engines. While those early yamaha engines make slightly less power in a slightly narrower powerband than the 450s(or percieved at least. The ones I've ridden could have just been a bit tired) they are generally more abrupt in power delivery.

What is the terrain you like to ride in?

Its pointless IMO to have a big bore 4 stroke IMO if you ride low elevation singletrack

What was your skill level? Weekend warrior? Enduro/harescrambles racer? Hardcore MXer?

A weekend warrior type isn't likely to use all the power of a big bore. However the racers probably would

How would you rate your dexterity (throttle/clutch control), balance (position on bike/weighting pegs), and and physical fitness (mainly in regards to endurance)?

I wouldn't reccomend a big bore 4 stroke to someone with poor control and no endurance.

The best advice I could give is to try and ride both in the type of terrain you'll typically ride in. IIRC SD has pretty high elevation so the scales are tipped in the 426f's favor. Its easier/cheaper IMO to dumb down a big 4 stroke (if you need it) than it is to hop up a small 4 stroke.

the biggest bike i rode for a long time last was a POS ttr225. i have rode my buddys yz250 2 stroke and was a little fishy but just had to learn the bike. i rode from the time i was 8 till about 15 so i would say i got quite a bit of experiance, im a looking for something to do alot of trail riding on and get into some mx, never really did it much. I think ill just got big or go home and get the 450.

You mention getting the "YZ" bike, however I would advise going with the "WR" version for the kind of riding you describe. Benefits of the WR are: More flywheel weight for smoother power delivery; wide ratio transmission; and last but not least - e-start. You do pay a slight weight penalty, but it is worth it for what you need.

How do they do on the track though? I always have like the wr but not the extra weight

Last time I rode was like 20 yrs ago. This past Jan. I picked up a '01 YZ426 and love it!!! My last bike I had was a '79 CR250 back in 1991. I was a little scared cuz the 426 had major power. Were talking hold on thight cuz this bike takes off like a rocket. Go with the 426. You will live it.

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