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what bike should i get?

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hey yall, I am an avide woods rider and im looking into getting a street motorcycle. I plan on buying a motocycle once I graduate college and start making bank cause of now im broke 6 out of 7 days of the week. I think an sm bike is would be awsome because their super manuverable and ill be able wheelies and sh*t the second i get on cause there pretty much the same set up as dirtbike. however the only stardard sm bike is that DRZ400 sm. Too slow, maxes out at 80. I want something ill be able to drive alot, cruise on the highway without it bounce off the limiter, able to go well over 100. What about those exotic bikes like highland and ATK. Highland has a 507, would that do what i need it too. ATK said there making a 700 2stroke sm (i know they have a woods version but it would spare me doing the conversions), would that be fast enough?

also can anyone tell me why a 700 2stroke only makes 80hp, i mean those 600 street bikes have like 140.

Any suggestions are welcome, price is no limit.

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A DRZ with simple mods will go well over 80. Maybe 105 mph or something close to that.

For higher maintenance/more power, consider a Husqvarna SMR510. Or even more maintenance and power, Aprilia SXV550. Both are street legal.

For reasonable maintenance, KTM690 SMC. Great street sumo and probably what you're looking for. <Forgot the SM610 or SM630. Also are probably what you are looking for.>

ATK and Highland are so exotic that nobody knows much if anything about them.

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forgot the 610
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