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Sag vs Lowering

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I also posted this in the suspension section, but figured it might get more feed back here being specific to the 09 450r.

I have a new 09 crf 450r. With stock suspension I had all the issues these bikes have been reported having. (Stinkbug effect, Front end sliding out, soft front, stiff rear etc) So, to break in the bike I started with the sag set at 105, no good, then 110,113, 115. Finally 115 is where it started to feel better.

I just got the suspension back.. The front springs were stepped up to ,48's, stock rear spring. Revalve both front and rear, and a 1mm spacer on the rear shock. (didn't have money for the link yet)

So, now that it's all bolted up, I tried to set my sag. 110 was my goal, but with 110 of sag, my free sag was at 47mm.. I'm guessing I'm a little light for the rear spring. I just weighed myself in street clothes and I'm 190lbs.. More in gear. (I did have all my gear on when I set my sag..) Before the suspension was done I could get to 115 ish and that was with only 1-2 threads left on the shock body after the lock collars were tightened up. Now 110 is the softest I could go and that's at the top of the threads. Not really where I'd like to be.

So did the spacer cuase this? Would adding a link to this setup make it impossible to run 110 sag? 110 is just a starting point. I tend to end up closer to 108-106. But I figure until I got the lowering link 110 would be better..

What are your thoughts on this. Should I get a softer spring if I decide to get the link? Should I just try running a stiffer sag?

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If you had the suspension re-valved the company that did it should provide you with the proper sag measurment according their research. If the shock has a spacer it should eliminate the need for a link otherwise it wouldn't have been done. Who did the suspension?

They recommended 110. Thay also do the link and the spacer. The spacer is 1mm and then the link is 2mm. In tyhe end you get about a half an inch drop...Also they recommend 110mm for the sag.. The documentation that's comes with the bike recommends 25-45mm free sag. That's why I was questioning my weight for the rear spring.. Since I didn't get the link, they told me I could play with the sag on the softer side to help bring the rear down level... Again, why I was playing with the sag and noticed 110 would be the softest I could go..

Back to my question.. Does anyone know if the link would make it harder to reach my target sag? I would think it would make it easier by allowing me to tighten down on the shock. But I might be wrong...

Also it seems lately that people have been making slightly negative comments ref posters questions. THat's what this forum is for. To help out riders.THe shop that did my suspension isn't open during the weekend and I wanted to see if anyone had the same experience as me.

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