New Bike - E start issues?

I just picked up a new 2009 WR450 two days ago, and when the mechanic was going over the bike with me, he said these bikes are a lot easier to start by using the kick starter (1 kick, easy to do). The problem is, it actually DOESN'T start with the e-start, you need to use the kick start. It turns over fine when using the e start, it just won't catch. I have zero miles on the bike, and I don't see any similar threads on this. Anyone else have this issue? They opened the throttle stop, but didn't change anything else (gray wire or exhaust).

The first thing I did to my bike was rejet it, but It should start with the estart with factory jets...

Mine did... just took a bunch of button mashing.... once its warmed up it starts easy on the estart... but like the mechanic said.. from cold... it starts way easier from kicking it....

Same here, bike will not start cold with E-Start which kind of pisses me off with a new bike. Yamaha did not get this part of the bike correct. I'm planning on doing the mods and rejetting, but I have a feeling its not going to help. I'm thinking that I should have saved the money and bought the YZ450 and , not had to do all the mods and still have to kick it.

Throw in the the JD jet kit - do all the other free mods get the fuel screw adjusted correctly and it should fire right up with the estart

My 2008 was the same way when I first got it. In fact it would hardly stay running unless you left the choke on until the header glowed.:lol: Now I have installed the factory AIS kit with the jets and needle that comes with it(used 168 main and 48 pilot though), all free mods are done and have the gytr exhaust tip. Bike starts right up now with the e-start and you hardly have to leave the choke on after starting. Hope this helps.:thumbsup:

Thanks guys, this is helpful.

Looks like it might be a dealer issue rather than a Yamaha issue.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it up to the dealers to jet the bikes for their specific location? I bought my 08 new and it's been perfect.

Then again, if Honda, KTM etc dealers aren't having the same problems, maybe it means Yamahas are a bit more finnicky. Not my experience though.

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