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2009 YZ250F Initial Review w/ Susp and Tuning Q's

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Well, I have now logged nearly 10 hours on my new 2009 YZ250F. About 20 minutes motocross track and the rest in the woods.

Don't read this and get me wrong, I love the bike. I think everything thats a complaint can probably be fixed with tuning if I just knew what I was doing.

The bike is a natural on the motocross track. Felt very similar to my '06 gauging jumps is pretty easy, throttle control is smooth and handling is good, although I think a little fine tning was needed and I haven't been back out since I made some changed.

In the woods it's a slightly different story. The bike is smooth in the flat sections and amazin in the ruts. If you put it in a rut, lay it over and slowly increase the throttle, it's on rails and doesn't falter. Same is true with open switchbacks as long as they are flowing and I can carry speed it's like a hot knife through butter between the trees.

The biggest difference between the '09 and my '06 come in handling and power. The '06, I swear, handles better, especially in the tight stuff or over rough terrain; rocks & roots. The '09 has amazing low end grunt. It can climb hills like a tractor and I find myself riding in 3rd gear in places I would have been in 2nd on the '06 and the gearing is the same, it just pulls that much better at the low end.

My complaints come in for places; low speed turn in, stalling, starting and sharp bumps like roots and tree crossing.

Low speed turn in: I think this is part susp. tuning and part tires. On my last ride I softened the front rebound 2 clicks and it really help bring the front tire in line on low speed turns in the woods. It didn't wash nearly as much. When I went to 3 clicks it really wanted to dive in underneath me, which felt even worse, so I think I've dialed that in, but Ill know for sure when my Pirelli Scorpions arrive, then I'll have some real tires on the bike.

Stalling: This thing will stall in the strangest places. Some of it is due to the increased low end and I ride a gear higher which leads to a stall when I suddenly find myself in a surprise tight section with some uphill grade. I just can't put my finger on it, but it's a pain... I almost never stalled the '06.

Starting: Sometimes she fires right on the first kick. If that doesn't happen it can take a while. The '06 was flawless, no hot start, usually no throttle one kick wonder every single time when the engine was warm. The only exception was after a crash when the bike stalled on it's side. I cannot find any consistency yet with the '09, but it does seem to be getting a little better with break in. Either I'm adjusting to the difference or the bike is warming up to me, still it's discncerting that this could happen in a race and hold me up.

Sharp bumps: The bike kicks in the rear on sharp bumps. I set all my susp. setting the same as the '06, but to no avail. On log crossings the rear end wants to jump no matter how much throttle I try to use to compensate. The same is true when crossing roots. The rear just gets all bouncy. The '06 was always so smooth unless the conditions were just terrible.

Well, that's about it. If you have any tips or ideas for me let me know. If you could explain why that would help too. Instead of just saying "turn this 1/4 turn" let me know what that 1/4 turn is actually doing (if you know ­čĹŹ ).

Thanks!!! I do love the bike and highly recommend it. Yamahas are so darned reliable and easy to work on.

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The 09 is in quite a few ways a far better bike then a stock 06 for MX. Not sure about woods though...

The 09 is a bit stiffer in stock form. You should probably soften up your HS Compression on the shock.

Sounds like you just need some more time getting used to the bike as well.

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