Bent footpeg?

So I slammed into a small hardwood stump yesterday while riding singletrack and I got ejected off the bike and faired okay. However my Lightspeed footpeg got bent back slightly about 5mm I would say. I know its hardened steel so I am not sure if it will ruin it if I try to whack it back with a sledge or apply some heat to it. It mainly is cosmetic as I don't really feel it when riding but I would like it to be right. Any suggestions?

I wouldn't beat on it. If you're used to working with welding and forming metal, and the peg is stainless steel or steel rather than Ti, you should be able to heat it and move it back without a problem. If not, you should take it to a welder and have him handle it.

Okay I have a map-gas torch just heat it and tweak it? Will I need to dip it into used motor oil afterwards to help harden it?

Maybe I should just take it to a welder. . .

Okay I have a map-gas torch . .

Not hot enough.

Okay thanks Gray I will take it to a welder sometime this week.

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