Hey MtnDoo!

Can you still get up top :usa:Flag Mountain :D? It's been about ten years since I was up there. Great memories. To tell you the truth I don't remember if it was legal then :) but the view was first rate Jeep commercial stuff. Those trails around there are the best I have ever seen. On one trail, I was half way up this huge hill full of rocks and tree roots when a couple of guys came down from the other way and stopped to tell me I was going the wrong way! That trail was considered passable only in one direction on account of that hill. Awesome riding out there for sure!

The BRP set up for dual sportin' would be the best setup I can imagine.

Any problems with the BRP overheating on the single track switch back stuff?

I've never experienced any overheating at all with the bike uncorked. I ride some bad ass stuff in Colorado every summer, and a lot of it is pretty slow going tight, steep and rocky switchbacks. Never has boiled over, and I use the stock radiator cap. I'm sure most of the overheating problems are related to the stock bike, not the uncorked and rejetted bike. But in any case, in 3 years of riding this bike, it's never overheated (and yes the thermostat is working haha.) Have fun man these bikes are kick ass when dual sported!


Hi Peter,

Not sure where Flag Mtn is??? The XR has been a great ride - just need to jet it for high alt now. I also haven't experienced the dreaded boil-over. You can get a different cap for the radiator I recall. Mabey combe the threads for the specific type - I've got the stock 1:1 on mine. I think mabey it's a bit less predominant here in Colorado at the higher altitudes - mabey I need to push my bike harder! LOL. Where are you from? I'm in Silverthorne.



I'm in MN now. Used to be in Colorado Springs. Flag mountain is between Leadville and Beuna Vista on the west side of the highway. I don't remember the exact spot though. Check out a map. There is a jeep trail that goes by it and one that is not legal going up it. It is above tree line and both tracks were covered in rubber because it is so steep! I had to use 1st gear on a YZ250 to get up it. A definite must see. :)

PeterJ - Hmm....sounds cool. I'll look it up. I've driven that route a few times in the last few weeks. Still lots of snow up high.

We have lots of Snowmobilers from MN out here from www.snowest.com as well.



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