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04 KTM 525exc Fork Preload

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I have a 04 525EXC that the front end sags even with new .50 front springs. I had 3 pre load spacers installed and I wanted more so the front end wouldnt dive as much. I was worried about the springs binding up if I used too much.

Here is what I did:

1. I took the nylon disc down to my local hardware store, matched its size with a PVC pipe coupler.

2. Took my sawzall, on a slow setting, cut it in half.

3. Sanded them down so they were square, and evenly sized.

4. Reinstalled them WITH one nylon spacer against the fork cap.

This was LESS than ONE DOLLAR! KTM wants $10 PER spacer!

I loaded the bike up, and headed to Lake Elsionre MX track. The front end stayed up, and soaked up the bumps much better. It may be mare harsh in the desert, riding the little bumbs. . . and I will let you know how that goes.




340# (I Know, I know)

Riding since 1975

Previous ride CR500

This is good for you heavy guys out there too. . . I know, there were two other cows like me riding at LEMX. . . so I know you are out there. . .

Good Luck!

Big Dave

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