I'm not sure now !

My 426 finally arrived at the dealer Friday the 29th. I haven't picked it up yet, the reason being I keep reading about all the

trouble Yamaha owners are having with Yamaha bikes. Am I going to be wrenching more than riding ? Any suggestions ? :)

Probably yes, you will be wrenching alot but it will be fun wrenching...


You better pick it up while it is still there I have a 01' 426 and love it! This is a great bike and if you change the oil, watch the spokes and sprocket bolts, etc. It is a great bike! I lubed up every bearing and loctited every bolt i could think of! I have about 75 hours on it now...and no problems! I just had to rejet (cause of the cold) and now it is easier to start and rips even more! I am just waiting for the right time to attempt to adjust my valves! I'm sure everyone you talk to will tell u to get the 01' 426 (except maybe mikeolichney...carb swap ordeal :) ) Just my 2 cents hope you like your bike!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Hi Dens,

My 2000 is the first Yamaha I've ever owned. It is the best handling, greatest powerbanded, most forgiving bike I've ever owned. However, it is more labor intensive than a 2-stroke. If you don't do your own service, or don't like turning wrenches occationally, then I'd consider another choice. Change the oil/filter after the first ride and regularly after that and have fun.



The brave taste of death once, but a coward dies many times before his death.

Knockin' on wood, I have a '00 426 and have not had any of the mechanical problems except the grabby clutch (only when cold) and cracked gas tank (warranty by Yamaha). Hmmmmm, well I had a '98 400 and had no problems at all with it.

It is troubling to see all of the problems with the 00 & 01 bikes, makes me wonder about my next bike, maybe a Husaberg???

Roll the dice and get the bike, maybe you'll get one of the "good ones". If it runs you'll love it!

It DOES seem to be a crap shoot with the 426's. Haven't had any problems with my '00 other than a small carburation glitch. The way I look at it is, I learned something about jetting and carb setup. There's always good in any problem, ya just gotta look for it.... :)

P.S.: I enjoy the wrenching. No shop mechanic will pay attention to detail on my machine like I will.


When you are thinking of Husaberg You are asking for it!!!!

Since I live in Sweden "The glorius land of Husaberg" a lot of my friends did run the new Husaberg last Year, and where they in for a surprise?!?!?!

If You think that it´s a lot of wrenching with the 426 then go get a Husaberg and remember the good ol´times with Your no wrenching 426.

HUSABERG SUCKS.......Big time!!

Man if this isn't a chicken little story,,,, maybe you would be better off with a XR-100, they never break, but then they're not much fun either. For me I could care less if it breaks, the damn thing is one of the best bikes I've ever owned and a blast to race, and I'll never regret owning my 426.


Originally posted by MXOldtimer:

Man if this isn't a chicken little story,,,, maybe you would be better off with a XR-100,

LMAO! Get the 426 guy you won't be disapointed.

Could not agree more!!

Have had my share of problems with the 426 monster, but I love it!

The sound, the torque, the power OH GOD!

Can´t get better!! Hate two-smokes!!


Originally posted by Numpsy:

When you are thinking of Husaberg You are asking for it!!!!

HUSABERG SUCKS.......Big time!!


Enlighten me because I’ve never ridden one and don’t know anybody who has but living in Sweden I’m sure you’ve see quite a few of these.

What types of problems did your friends have? Has anybody you know ridden a 2001 yet?

I did hear that the older ones would break rockers sometimes and that the 2000 models would blow all the oil (not much in there to begin with) out the breather hose. Other than the expensive parts that’s all the problems I’ve heard about these bikes but they are as rare as hens teeth out here (I did blow by a novice lapper on an FC 600 in a race last fall, that’s the only brief glimpse I’ve gotten :) )

I’d prefer a “no wrenching 426” of course, but I dispute their existence. If I keep my YZF and buy a ‘berg as a second bike one of them is always bound to be running, right? :D

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Ok guys, points well taken. I'm getting the bike Monday the 8th. And for a price of $5950, how could I go wrong.

Dennis :)

you can't have it!

nope! you gotta convince us why you l-o-v-e that yamaha & why you've just got to have it.

pass the test. minimum one paragraph.


Who Taffy , me ?


The Husaberg comes with all the problems in the book.

When it all started back in the 80´s they did not use any oil-pump and after all technical progress oil seems to be the problem.

I have seen the breather "blow-out", seized cam-bearings, cracked pistons, You name it!!!

One of my friends bike does not start when-ever.

8 out of 10 times it is easy to start, and man is it easy, but there is the 2 other times...........

You could try everything, we have even dragged it after a car for about 2 kilometres.

Do not ever think about it, it is really fragile (almost as fine China)!!!!!

The 2001 model should be quit awsome with the adjustable ignition, if it would have been on another brand.

When at Husaberg it only feels like one more thing to cause problems.

If I would to get another big 4-stroke instead of the 426, I would wait for the Honda!

Kind regards Numpsy

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