Anyone strip the threads on their drain plug hole...???

I have checked my options (Heli-Coil, Perma-Coil,???) and the Heli-Coil seems the cheapest $$$$.

The Heli-Coil kit is ~$30.00. One other I checked was ~$70.00!!

Any good advice on this?

As an FYI, I installed an aftermarket (MSR??) magnetic drain plug back in '99. Comparing the OEM and aftermarket plug, the OEM was 30% LONGER!!

I would take the pan off and put a tapped steel threaded plug welded to the aluminum. Take it to any good fabricator. The problem with aluminum is that if you thread it and remove the bolt a lot it will wear out and strip over time. You probably did nothing wrong but the design has always stunk. Why Yamaha does this on a bike that needs changing oil after ever weekend of riding is beyond me. The other option is to get a new drain pan from Yamaha. If you helicoil repair you still have to take the pan off to keep junk from getting into your engine pan. Either way it looks like you got some work in front of you to get it fixed.

the tough thing is the "drain pan" is the (center) engine case...

I used a Time cert.

I believe you could call around your local shops and have one installed for under the price of buying the kit, or find a board memeber willing to share his or hers kit with you.

After installation I cross drilled the insert to allow full drainage just as the oem notch in the thread allowed.

I stripped mine almost imediately, I felt like such a ham fist....

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