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I have a 2003 YZ250F. I raced MX with it for 3 years, now use it more for just hill rideing etc. I had a issue when I put it away for the winter, it would quit on me when I would Give it full throttle. Elevation here in my town is 7200ft and I ride all the way up to around 9400. I am running this in it. It used to work fine except for within the last year.

Main Jet - 162

Air Jet - Stock

Jet Needle - Position 2

I cleaned out my carbs, emptied all the old fuel and put in new. Replaced all my fuel lines. I reset my pilot screw to about 2.5 turns.

Idea's why its still bogging out. Also when I run it aroun it will say running with the choke on. If I turn the choke off and pull in the clutch than it dies until I pop it again. I dont have this issue when the choke is on. It will also idle alone when just sitting most the time until i touch the throttle. Sounds like it's not getting enough fuel?

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