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KX85 color ideas

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I have a 2003 KX85, and it really needs re-doing looks wise. At the moment it has troy lee chevy trucks graphics and a horrible blue and red seat. It also has a green frame.

Ive been looking at the YZ85 and RM85 projects on here, and they look really great, so now i really want to strip mine down to respray it. So basically im looking for ideas of which graphics, what colour frame and the colour of everything else like the rims.


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Well i have a bit of choice now, because when i firsst got the bike the clutch basket broke, so the guy at the shop just gave me a black rear fender and green rear side panels. At the moment the bike has a green rear fender with white rear side panels, so i can always mix and match the fender and side pieces.

Thanks for the comments, more ideas and pictures are welcome 👍


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how much money do you have to spend, because that is what kinda determines what you do, but heres what i would do:

paint the whole frame black, subframe green and gold front forks, keep swingarm silver

go with black rims(powdercoat or new ones) and green hubs.

green rear sprocket

black handle bars with a green monster pard and green grips.

all white plastics

custom white monster graphics, withe green and black thrown in.

Numbers that match the kit.

New seat cover(all black)

BUt thats kust me and my taste, just giving a suggestion and again, idk if you have the money to do this, not trying to be rude.

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Thanks for all the input guys, that bike is really nice🤣

I have about £150 to spend, which is about $250 (?). Im liking the idea of a black rear fender, black front panels, and dark green number plate and rear side panels with black backgrounds, so you will only see a green outline.

This will match the monster graphics on the front panel. I dont know weather to use a green front fender or a black one though :|.

Id then like to paint the frame green, so the little green details on nthe plastics will set it off. Im thinking about black engine cases to contrast with the frame, and maybe polished bolts and clutch cover, however im not really sure about that 🙂

I'd really aprreciate any ideas to improve that idea, as i need some more oppinions

thanks 👍

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