Rebuild time - cam chain question


I doing the top end on my wr450 to freshen it up. Its been stone cold reliable, but no need to wait for it to break.

I got a piston, rings and gasket set. I also got a new cam chain.

Looking at the manual, it doesn't have a section specifically for removing the cam chain. Let me ask...

Once I remove the top end, do I then need to remove the flywheel to get the old cam chain off? Is there a cam gear behind that flywheel that may need replacing also? I only askk because I am planning on using the same stock OEM cams unless something is wrong. If the gear on the flywheel is good, then the gear on the cams must be good too.

another question.... what size flywheel puller do I need. I see different sizes listed. Do I need a 30mm X 1.0mm for an 05 wr450?

I'm just trying to get everything straight in my mind before I tear into it.

any advice is appreciated.

Yes you need to remove the flywheel as well as the chain guides. The gear is part of the crank so hopefully it doesn't need replacing, it shouldn't.

When I did mine I noticed info was lacking in the manual as well so I put some info in this thread.

Ok.. I ordered a flywheel puller.

Thanks for the advice.

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