fork oil wts ???

i have a 98 yz 400 and am in the middle of a

fork oil change. before i put everything together could someone tell me about weights

of fork oil. i am 5'11" 140#er who races mx

in Ohio. I dont know what a good weight to

use for my size what do some of you guys run?

2001 ktm 200exc

98 yamaha yz400f

Run any ouality 5wt. oil. I have used Silkolene. I usually set oil height at 100mm but I weigh about 180 so adjust the level to suit your weight and speed. The stock oil height is too low for most MX use.

MX-tech did my suspension and used Mobil 1 ATF as fork fluid. I'm not sure what weight it is. I agree that 5w is right for your weight.

140 lbs? I would suggest you try Golden Spectros "very light weight" fork oil. I think it is equivalent to 2.5 weight. It will certainly give you a more supple feel throughout the stroke.


ATF is roughly 7.5wt oil. Most suspension shops recommend it because it has many benefits. 1. Cost, cheap to replace and allows for constant changes that doesn't hurt the wallet. 2. Increased weight compared to stock weight(5wt), which allows for better suspension action without major upgrades. 3. Most transmission fluids are red which allow for ease of seeing contamination(metal flakes) when refreshing oil over the convention brown. These are the things that I have been told by techs.


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