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2 small questions.. Please help

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Hi all!

The 1st question is somewhat unusual.. Dont know what word would describe that question.. I have all the parts to reassemble my 470 motor.. The MRD, ported head with valves and springs from Eddie etc.. But only the cams are missing. I was wondering if it would be possible to run the bike with stock S/SM cams? Just a thought.. Not a good one but would it be ok? Its been 8 months since my bike is without motor and wana fix it once and for all.. So that i have something to go around. and when i get the cams i just swap them.

2nd question is would i still need to clearance the radiator for the MRD? Or is there another way?

Thanks for the help:worthy:

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Alright then. I wont risk it..

How about for the rads? do i have to clearance them for the MRD? Thanks for the help.🤣

Some had to clearance their radiator.... Some didn`t.... You won`t know untill you get it on. Small plastic hammer.....gently tapping. have a beer if it calms you down before doing it.........👍:thumbsup:


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